OG Whatsapp VS YO Whatsapp

OG WhatsApp Vs YO WhatsApp Infographic

The fight for the best WhatsApp and ensuring privacy has always set the media on fire. It’s been a while since I’ve been suggested some mod apps, including OG and YO WhatsApp; since then, I have been enrolled in the most catchy research of OG WhatsApp VS YO WhatsApp.

OG Whatsapp VS YO Whatsapp is a mandatory subject to pull under discussion in an era of chatting platforms. Here, we will go through this argument, selecting the best one. Previously we have discussed different comparisons like OG WhatsApp Vs GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp Vs WhatsApp Plus and a few more you can check all of them under blogs section.

What is YO Whatsapp?

YO Whatsapp is a competing application to the standard Whatsapp. It differs from WhatsApp mods as they are usually misunderstood; rather, they are modified forms of it.

This application was developed by Yousef-al-Basha and was later handed over to Fouad Mokdad. Let’s explore this application.

Features of YO WhatsApp

Blocking People for calls only

This application has developed a remarkable feature for chatting with anyone, but stop making them call you. It can really prove helpful if you are leading a professional life and want to keep a safe distance from your colleagues, limiting your conversation to a formal extent.

Deleting multiple messages at once

You can easily have access to deleting a wide range of messages that are no longer in use, setting your storage free of trash.

Customization features

YO WhatsApp allows you to upgrade your style, set custom backgrounds, and provide numerous options, including fonts. The availability of chat bubbles takes it to the next level.


This application allows you to set a fingerprint or pin for specific chats. You are also available with a feature to hide particular chats from the main screen.

What is OG Whatsapp?

 OG Whatsapp is a mod apk covering a large domain of desired features. The original WhatsApp allows you to communicate with the world around you, keeping you under restrictions. But OG WhatsApp goes out of the box, enchanting you with its superb features.

Features of OG WhatsApp

In the coming portion, we will explore the exciting features of OG WhatsApp:

Less space consumption

The most captivating feature of OG WhatsApp is its less space consumption. We all run short of space these days, having data-rich documents, many additional applications, and much more, so this feature must be admirable for you.

Copying someone’s status to your clipboard

OG WhatsApp allows you to copy any status directly to your clipboard, creating an ease that others still deprive you of.

Sending files in various formats

OG WhatsApp aids in sending files in various formats like eBooks, etc, changing the traditional patterns and bringing innovations.

Sending unzipped images

With OG Whatsapp, you are free to send unzipped messages, making sure to conserve their quality.

OG WhatsApp VS YO WhatsApp Comparison


OG Whatsapp

YO WhatsApp

File sharing capacity



Image sharing limit

90 images

90 images



Less Popular







Summing it up

The debate of OG WhatsApp VS YO WhatsApp can be summarized as follows:

Both applications allow users to enjoy all the valuable features that can help them improve and upgrade themselves. But it is not as simple as safety is concerned. The turning point is that a security company, KASPERSKY, has declared that YO Whatsapp is involved in stealing private data. Being accused and malicious, YO WhatsApp must not be the priority. The wise decision would be to go with a safe and reliable app, OG WhatsApp, as YO WhatsApp, besides being accused, is regarded as an app with reliability issues.