OG WhatsApp VS WhatsApp plus

OG WhatsApp vs WhatsApp plus infographic

Having a reliable and practical platform to operate your tasks and to maintain your social hierarchy is as mandatory as the conversation itself, but it always drags me to perplexity when the point of selection arises. I searched for a while and came up with the capability to put OG WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus under negotiation.

Let’s dive deeply into their characteristics and grab a useful and trustworthy application and settle this OG WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus debate!

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WAplus is a modified form of the original WhatsApp with enhanced features discussed here.

Some worthy features of WhatsApp Plus:

Improved video calling

Whatsapp Plus is such an alternative to OG WhatsApp, which allows you to communicate better and perform online business tasks with its enhanced video calling strategies.

Share large files

Whatsapp Plus makes you stand out from the restrictions offered by traditional WhatsApp strategies and allows you to share large documents up to the extent of 100 MB.

Disable voice calls and hide your profile picture.

The app allows you to disable voice calls and hide your profile picture from certain contacts.

Low data usage and themes

This application is beneficial because it has a low data consumption and is rich in themes, wallpapers, and emoticons.

 Auto reply

The auto-reply feature, previously designed for business accounts, is now offered in WhatsApp Plus.

 Chat pinning capacity

Only three messages are allowed to pin at a time, increasing the chance of data loss in group chats. But WP exceeded the limit of up to 1000 messages.

Contact list requirement

Through WP, you dont need to rush to save the contacts to make chats with them.


It provides you privacy in a way that makes you see blue ticks when the other person has read your chat, but it won’t allow him to see blue ticks when you are done. It also has a single tick feature even when the message is delivered.


 Its anti-ban feature is the most practical one, making it sublime

What is OG WhatsApp?

OG WhatsApp is also a mod app that offers almost all the features discussed above, in addition to some others that we will discuss.

OG WhatsApp Vs WhatsApp plus Comparison



Whatsapp Plus

Presence at Google play store



No of parallel accounts



Automation assistances



Message scheduling



File sharing limit

No restriction

100 MB

Image sending limit

Upto 90 images

Upto 30 images

Why prefer OG Whatsapp?

Following are the reasons to choose OG WhatsApp over WhatsApp Plus:

Legal repute: 

Most of us are rushing to the lawful apps. The legal reputation for the latest version of WhatsApp Plus still needs to be clarified, but comparatively, OG Whatsapp is quite reliable.

Anti Malware protection:

This security feature is available for OG WhatsApp but is still unavailable for WhatsApp Plus.


OG WhatsApp has a higher stability approach as compared to WhatsApp plus

Let’s conclude

All the modified versions of WhatsApp, including OG and WAPlus, work almost the same with minor differences. They make you stand out of the box with enhanced features, ensuring your privacy. Keeping in view the above details, OG WhatsApp is the one to rush for. If you are looking to Download OG WhatsApp it is available on our website for mobile devices as well as for Computer.