OG WhatsApp VS FM WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp VS FM WhatsApp Infographic

I have always wondered why people search for unofficial WhatsApp mod APKs despite using the authentic WhatsApp application. I explored the facts during my research journey, which have persuaded me to go with such third-party apps. It’s your turn to do so.

OG WhatsApp VS FM WhatsApp is an emerging topic as far as the modified versions of WhatsApp are concerned with bona fide privacy.
This article will let you decide on a trustworthy application with amplified features. If you are looking for other comparisons you can check OG WhatsApp Vs WhatsApp Plus.

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is an acronym in the name of the owner of this application, Fouad Mokdad, who designed it so that all the valuable features of which the original WhatsApp was devoid are immersed in it. It is a modified form of Whatsapp Messenger.

Features of FM Whatsapp:

Freezing last seen:

This is the feature you will fall in love with, as now you are free of time limits to use your app without letting others know.

Anti-del messages:

You no longer need to stay curious about a message that has been deleted after it has been sent to you. This feature will let you see all the deleted messages.

App lock:

This application allows you to lock your app, keeping your privacy in view and enabling your chatting app to be more secure.

Viewing deleted status:

Say goodbye to the worries of missing your beloved’s status when he deleted it. Just go and watch it without any restriction through this beautiful application.

What is OG Whatsapp?

OG Whatsapp is also a modified version of the standard WhatsApp offered by Alex Mods with great features, including all such probabilities that trivial users could commonly need.

Features of OG Whatsapp:

Updates :

Updating OG Whatsapp is a child’s play as it has a built-in update checker.

Anti-ban feature:

OG Whatsapp offers a splendid anti-ban feature, so the risk of facing a temporary ban is highly reduced.

Hiding pictures and videos:

This is an enhanced feature in OG Whatsapp pro Apk. Using it, you can hide your media from the gallery.

Full-resolution pictures:

OG Whatsapp pro Apk permits you to share high-resolution pictures up to 6MB.

OG WhatsApp VS FM WhatsApp Comparison



Whatsapp Plus

Image Sharing Limit

90 Images

60 Images

File Sharing Capacity

1 GB

700 MB




Bugs fixation



Summing it up:

OG Whatsapp VS FM Whatsapp is a long going argument but here I will try to persuade you for a better one among them. 

  • FM Whatsapp is regarded as less authentic by many authorities . There exists a controversy for its status.
  • FM Whatsapp is more exposed to ban than OG whatsapp due to its less authentic basis.

OG Whatsapp on the other hand is a reliable and user friendly application trying to meet the ascending demands of the user with frequent updates.