OGWhatsApp APK Pro V17.85 Download Latest Version 2024

I wonder why people are still using the same old conventional messaging app when we have got an app with tons of features like seeing deleted messages, knowing the online status of a person, and many more.

Yes, you are guessing it right. I’m talking about OGWhatsapp, which is not only reliable but also provides its users with privacy features that were never available before so that the users feel full control over their privacy and security.

WhatsApp, which is the largest communication platform, has many mods available in the market. Many of them have bugs and issues, but OG Whatsapp Pro is one of the best and most secure mods on the internet and it is also available for Iphone users as OG WhatsApp IOS

OGWhatsApp Pro File Information:

App Name


File size

76 MB




Alex Mods

Android OS

5.0 or above





Last Updated

12 hours ago

OGWhatsApp Pro File Information

App Name


File size

76 MB




Alex Mods

Android OS

5.0 or above





Last Updated

12 hours ago

First Things First ………. OGWhatsapp

WhatsApp has been in the market for over a decade, but there are still limitations and restrictions after so many updates. With those restrictions and limitations in place, OG Whatsapp pro apk is the perfect answer with a clean interface and a lot of personalization features. In this blog, I will get into every detail of how to download, how to install, and all the features available so that no query remains unanswered.

How to download and how to install OG WhatsApp?

Og whatsapp installation infographic
Infographic: OGWhatsApp APK download method

Step 1: Visit ogbwhats.com and click on the download button. After that, in a few seconds, a file will be downloaded.

OG Whatsapp Phone verification image

Step 2: Go to the download menu, and you will find the file here. Congratulations! Your download has been successful, and now you’re all set to install OG WhatsApp APK.

OG WhatsApp download image

Step 3: Click on the file and install. Now, it will ask for permission to install from unknown sources. Make sure to allow the installation from unknown sources in your device settings. 

OG Whatsapp installation image

Step 4: Now the application has been successfully installed, and you see an option to select language. You can select your desired language and agree to the terms and conditions.

OG Whatsapp language setup image

Step 5: Now enter your number, and it will send a confirmation text with a code. In case you don’t receive the verification code, then click on the call option, then you will receive a code via call and enter it.

OG Whatsapp phone number verification image

Step 6: You are almost done. Set up your name and click next. This was it. Your installation for OG WhatsApp APK has been completed. Enjoy!

Og whatsapp name setup image

OGWhatsapp APK Features

OGWhatsapp Community

This is a new feature with the help of communities. You can add a number of people to a community, and in this way, you can make different communities, and you will be able to communicate with them in a sequenced way.

OGWhatsApp Channels

Now you can follow your favourite people and organisations on your OG whatsApp channels. You do not have to visit other social media platforms for updates; you can get all the updates on your channel screen.


Initially, there were only profile pictures or DPS available. Now, you can make an Avatar that will make an image that looks like you. It works just like you have seen in the bitmoji on Snapchat. Now, you can enjoy this feature here as well.

Anti-ban APK

Different Whatsapp mods have issues of being banned, but with this latest version of OG Whatsapp, developers have made sure that their users get a streamlined user experience without having to worry about anything.

Status Download

While viewing the statuses of your friends and family, there is an option available in the bottom left bar from where you are able to download status without the need of any external software, application, or a downloader. 

Hide Status View

You can hide the status view from the options, and no one will know that you have viewed the status, and here you are, secretly enjoying the liberty of viewing the statuses of anyone you want to.

Anti Delete Status

You can turn on this feature and see the status. Even if it has been deleted, you are still able to see it, and interestingly, you can also reply over the deleted status, and this will amaze the other person.

Disable contact status

This feature enables the removal of the contact status line that’s under the header in the conversation.

Status Length

You can write a long status of about 250 words. You can explain your thoughts without paying heed to the character limit because you have now got enough words to express yourself.

Calling Numbers

Calling someone without the need to add that person as a contact is a feature you can only get over here. So yes, you can now call anyone, and it is not necessary to first add them as a contact.

Setting Group Name

Initially, there was a limit with group name characters, but with this update, you can now set a group name that can be as long as 35 characters. 

Call Blocker

You can block a specific person’s call, or you can also enable the no call feature that person will not be able to call you.

There is also a feature which is called silence unknown callers, which means you will not get a ring when some unknown person calls; instead, you will only see a notification when you open WhatsApp, and then you can decide whether to contact or not.

Create a Call Link

Now, you can create a call link and send it to your friends and family. The people with the link can join you over the call.

Dual Whatsapp

You can use two whatsapp accounts simultaneously without the need to have a whatsapp business as a 2nd account. Go to settings, then into account, and here is an option to add an account. You can add your 2nd account here.

Customization Features

Image Background: You can set an image as background both on the chat screen as well as on the main screen.

Unread Messages: You can change the unread messages colour and background of unread messages and you can highlight them as well.

Contacts: There are a lot of customization features of contacts. For example, you can change the colour of contacts and contact statuses. You can hide the contact’s name if you want to. You can use an emoji in place of a contact’s name without the need to change the name in your phone contacts. A specific notification tone and a specific notification light can be set up for a specific contact. Isn’t it amazing? You know right away whose text it is without having to pick up your phone.

Themes: Now, with this latest version of OG Whatsapp you will now have access to themes. From the themes menu, you can easily choose a theme of your choice, and it will change the main screen, conversation screen, and status screen for better clarity, and it will be tailored according to your taste.

Stickers: There is a whole library of stickers available. Select stickers, and then you will find different categories, and there you can find different stickers. If you still don’t find them according to your liking, there is also a search option so that you will find the one you are looking for.

Emojis: Emojis have been the essence of our chats since they were introduced. Our text messages are incomplete without them. There is an immense collection of different emojis. You can send these in different sizes.

Gifs: Imagine you are having a conversation with your dear ones, and you find the gifs to convey your emotions to them in the best possible way, where simple text messages do not make a significant impact. You will have access to thousands of gifs so that you will have impactful conversations with your loved ones.

Icons: There are several different icon options available. Some are rounded, some are squared, and some are oval. You can choose one from a lot of options available.

Fonts: Exclusive and unique fonts are available, and you can select the one you find suits you.

Custom Wallpaper: This is a feature that allows the users to select a different wallpaper for different contacts. In this way, users can have a personalised experience with their contacts.

Night Mode: This feature will help you rest your eyes with relatively dim colours and accents.

Widgets: You can create widgets and customize their colours, designs, and fonts according to your choice. 


Freeze last seen: With this feature, no one will be able to see you online even if they have opened your chat screen. This is great if you want to avoid a specific person and want to keep people away from watching your online status.

Hide Blue Ticks: You can turn off your blue ticks even if you have opened the texts of the other person. He will not be able to find that you have seen his text messages. He will consider this as you have turned off your read receipts while you can see his blue ticks.

Hide Second Tick:  Another excellent feature is you can hide your second tick, which shows the delivery of a text. You will receive text messages as normal but the other person will get only a single tick like the message has not been delivered yet. In contrast, you have already got the message. He will only be able to see double ticks when you reply to that text.

Hide Play Voice/video notes: This feature allows you to play audio and video notes but the other person cannot see it as played on his screen.

Hide Typing/Recording: When we type something while we are sending a message, it shows typing. By turning this feature on, you will be able to hide typing and recording.

Groups and Broadcasts: All of these settings are also available in groups and broadcasts you can turn on any feature of your choice.

Custom Privacy: This is an advanced level privacy feature by which you will be able to hide blue ticks/ hide second tick/ hide play voice/video notes, and hide typing/recording from a specific contact. There is no need to hide these from all your contacts.


Fingerprint lock: Now the users can have this new excellent feature that is fingerprint lock Users will have a more secure feeling by using their fingerprint as an enhanced protection.

Chat Lock: Similarly, like fingerprint lock, which is enabled when the application is opened. This chat lock goes one step further; you can lock your chats and secure them with a fingerprint, and no one can access your chats even if your WhatsApp mod app is opened.

Pattern lock: A specific pattern can be set to lock your apk.

Invisible Pattern: This option will make that pattern lock invisible, and you can apply it in front of anyone, and they won’t be able to find it.

Recovery Question: We all are human. We can forget things in case it happens. This recovery question will enable us to get back our chats, and then we will be able to set up things again.

Pattern/Lock Wallpaper: You can set your desired wallpaper in the background of the pattern or lock.


Anti-Delete Messages: This is my favourite feature which enables you to read deleted messages, and you can also reply to those deleted messages.

Disable Forwarded: When we get forwarded messages, at the top right corner of that message, it is usually written forwarded. This feature allows us to directly forward messages without that forwarded tag on the top right corner.

Disappearing Messages: If you are having a private conversation and you want to get rid of the hassle of deleting those messages, turn this feature on. It will automatically disappear messages after 24 hours, and you will see an empty chat screen.

Mass Message Sender: This feature will allow you to select as many people as you want to type a text message, and it will be sent to all of them in the blink of an eye, saving you time and energy.

Starred Messages: This is a handy feature, specially in groups when there are a lot of messages, and you want to save a specific message. You can click on that text and star it. Once it is starred, it is saved, and you can access it from the settings under starred messages.

Auto Reply: This is a feature that is mostly used by businesses so that they can contact the person later on. So yes, you can set a specific reply text, which will be sent automatically once anyone sends you a text without having the need to install Whatsapp Business separately.

Message Scheduler: If you want to send someone a Happy Birthday text and you cannot stay awake till 12 Am, then this feature comes in handy. With this feature, you can type and schedule a message, and it will be delivered at that specific time.

Group permissions: You can enable and disable different contacts and random persons to add you to groups and text you in groups. You can also allow specific contacts to add you in groups.

Filter messages: From the search option on the top, you can search for any specific messages you are looking for.

Archive Chats: This new feature will help keep chats archived. If someone texts, that will remain under the archived chats folder.

Instant Video Messages: Just like we all are used to sending voice notes now there is another feature which is called video messages. Just click on the voice note button, and it will be changed to video note, and now you can record your video messages. You can also switch between your front and back camera.

Live Location: You can now share your live location via messages, and the other person can see you on your way.

Media sharing

Hide Media: You can hide your photos, videos, and gifs from the gallery. Your media files will only be present in your chats.

Image Sending Limit: The image sending limit has been increased with this update. Now, you can send up to 100 images at once to your contacts.

Image Resolution: You can send unzipped full resolution images without compromising on quality to your family and friends.

Other File Formats: Now you can send other file formats such as PDFs, Excel sheets, documents, ebooks,apks, and many other types of files without having to rely on another platform.

Large files: Images, videos, and other file-sending limits have been increased. Now, you can send large videos and images up to 100 MB in your chats.

Preview without downloading: You can now preview your images and videos in your chats without downloading them.


A lot of different language options are available. You can choose your desired language and feel free to contact different people.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

This is an exclusive feature, like do not disturb mode on your phone. By turning DND on you can relax and have your chill time without having any disturbance and distraction.

Poll Creation

You can now create a poll in groups, and add different options to it, and get the opinion of people. You can also gather data for research purposes with the help of results you get with a poll.

Backup And Restore

You can create a local backup in your phone storage as well as a cloud and a drive backup. You can create a backup of your images, videos, texts, and files, and later on, it can be restored if needed.

Connect to Web

You can connect to web via OG WhatsApp Web . You can use your desktop browser to reply your conversations and it is very convenient to chat with a keyboard on your table.

Regular Updates

ALEX MODS, the developers of OGWhatsapp messenger APK, release regular updates that unveil new features and additional privacy and security features demanded by the users.

Make sure to stay updated to the latest version of OG WhatsApp so you don’t miss any new features.

Quick Features Comparison



Simple Whatsapp

Contact online toast



High Resolution Media



Files sending Limit



View Deleted Messages



Mass Messages



Freeze Last Seen



Hide Blue Ticks



Hide Second Tick



Custom Wallpapers





OG Whastapp Pro is the perfect answer for anyone who is looking for some extra privacy and customization features. It is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp and WhatsApp Mods available in the market for Android. You can completely rely on it. It is perfectly safe and secure. It costs you USD 0 because it is completely free. It has an aggregate rating of 4.7 based on 3354 votes. If you also want to get these amazing features, you can download OG WhatsApp now and start enjoying texting.

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